About 3V

Whats does “3V” mean? Is it just “3V“? or any expansion behind it? What is it about? What do I gain from them? Why should I get to know about them?…

Just relax, We know that such questions are bumped into your mind. Before we answer all your questions, We would like to introduce our-self first. 

In short, we are known as “3V“, which is “Vignesh Video Vision”. We don’t want to waste your precious time. We focus on our customer’s flexibility and satisfaction. 3V is a wide-ranging photography studio placed in Chennai. We make your special moments as an important and memorable occasion than you think. 

We cover all social and public functions. Keeping the state as an art of professionalism and precision. Supported by an array of latest equipment and an outdoor unit.

Founder of 3V

Mr.T.Nagaraj, Owner of 3V has 32 years of experience in photography.  As a founder, He has determined the team of experienced photographers who are very passionate enough to click the happiness in your Life Events.